27 August 2013

Once upon a time

Once again, Italy reached its target! As usual, it has revealed to the world that it is not able to change its bad customs. The "caryatids" confirmed to have the same age of the artistic, cultural and historical heritage. However, if the latter is invaluable and represents a domestic pride, the meaning is not the same if one considers the political class, coming from Archaic era, which still claims, with unbelievable strength, to impose its law. For this reason, those who are champing at the bit to way out from prehistoric philosophies, are immediately elected to the position of sacrificial lamb, to allow them to be slowly purified from the circle of the living dead. Few month ago, the Horror Museum reopened its doors, attracting the best of what there was outside. Now it perfectly exhibits a partial renewed collection of artworks, which are able to inflict the worst of what citizens might expect. The new archaeology curator has attempted to root out those bad habits that, in the past, prevented the regular business. However, he was not sufficiently strong to eliminate them. The webs once removed, easily tend to build again, obscuring the view to young elected people, who mistakenly believed to come into a glass building. On the contrary, nothing new can arise. Brontosauruses may not have the force of withstanding to a so strong and violent shock. The threat consists of a future extinction. Anyone who allows to introduce a change, would end up being accused of trying to subvert law and order and takes the risk of being discredited by the media pillory. Since the first day, it must be clear that the mummification procedures of activities must last at least five years, that is the right period of time that velociraptors need to appropriate of all benefits. It is not so important if, in the meantime, the reality knocks insistently at the door, begging for remarkable changes. Once polls finally closed, the putrefaction processes become irreversible and it is no longer permissible any proposal which loudly asks to uncover the sarcophagus. The spectrum of a sacrilege will wave on the horizon with the risk of reviving old ghosts. It is very hard to say if and when this nightmare will end. One hopes it takes place soon, before the world exhumes the remains and draw up a brief press release: "Once upon a time Italy".
AuthorEmanuele COSTA
Published byIl Nuovo Picchio n° 05/Maggio 2013 with the title «C'era una volta»

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