1 October 2012

Culture: oxygen for the brain

People often ask themselves why the Public Administration is unable to satisfy citizen demands, providing them all that they require. It is not difficult to reply to that question because it is possible to analyse the matter using the "elephant test". Whatever is the scenario, the meaning does not change. It does not matter whether the territory managed by the government is more or less wide because capabilities do not depend neither on the civil servants' age, nor on their experiences, but simply by the culture used to deal with problems. The government of the City (or of the Country) is generally managed by close-minded persons with a shortsighted strategic vision, unable to take useful decisions and inadequate to keep pace with both cultural and technological development. Many times, citizen requests do not have a right attention by the government because they are in contrast with the main political ideas, which are managed haphazard and are inspired by the "Michelaccio's art". When problems arise, it is better looking at elsewhere or shrugging, handing the cask off and leaving it rolling inside the bureaucratic forest. That is, problems are never solved, but much more conveniently removed. This modus operandi works surely until some astonishing event happen. In that case, the Public Administration inability falls into the public domain, forcing it to take on its job, for which taxes are paid by citizens. Generally, if the ordinary man protests against politician behaviour, immediately they react destroying the target: both the freethinking and the political critique. The administrative machinery start working in the worst way, trying to teach a lesson to whom had contested misbehaviour of politicians, who are not exempt from errors. Instead of thinking about suggestions and opinions made by citizens, analysing them and looking for different solutions to social problems, politicians use the worst censorship remembered by history. We are light years far from that galaxy set up by foresighted politicians. We must be sadly pleased of the ones who play by ear, causing both irreparable and irreversible damages. So, why are not politicians worried about mistakes during their political mandate? The answer is simple. Citizens are the only ones who must pay damages, also suffered ones.
Author: Emanuele COSTA
Published byhttp://www.tigulliana.org28 luglio 2012, «Cultura: ossigeno cerebrale»

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