7 November 2012

Over the economy

Today, a new adventure begins. As the title says, this experience wants to take the reader over the economy. It is an hard work, which wants to involve people inside the theories and, meanwhile, invite persons to develop a personal opinion about the topic. In fact, we are not going to talk only about economy. We are going to study other social problems. Nowadays, these questions are influencing the economic situation of a country and both the Institutions and the Citizens, too. As all social sciences, the economy elaborates thoughts and realizes models, with which affect the individual behaviour. Because of this it is possible to verify whether the theory is right or if the effects are different. This is the main question of the economy. At the same time, this is the winning hand of a science which always has to discuss about inputs and also their mix in an unstable contexts where the variables change everyday than in the past. So, a border drawn by an economic model, today it should be revised because the lifestyle is changed and it is not always predictable and reasonable. This situation shows that a magic formula does not exist to solve all problems. As Gianfranco FINI wrote in his book called "L'Italia che vorrei", the economic crisis is a real example and «everybody, including most important economists, have to work hard, revising rules and key points that, until yesterday, looked like right». About fifty years ago, Paul VALERY said: «The trouble of our times is that the future is not as in the past». For the reasons above mentioned, the challenge wants a better future than the past. All the mistakes can help us to prevent them and understanding the others way of thinking. Otherwise, we have to accept to take the risk of precluding the possibility of a cultural growth, respecting the Rabindranath TAGORE's thought: «If you close the door to all errors, even the truth will stay out».
AuthorEmanuele COSTA
Published byIl Nuovo Picchio n° 3/Dicembre 2011 with the title «Oltre l'economia»

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