16 March 2013

As you make your bed ...

At the end, Italians reached their goal successfully. They carried out their civic duty, showing that the their "stupidity factor" really tended to zero. It is useless hiding the matter, but in any direction the vote was oriented, it was, anyway, a democratic expression of a right recognised and protected by the Constitution. It will be almost impossible to prove the opposite because, beyond the peculiar interests that each citizen sought to defend, persons expressed their votes at the end of an electoral competition during which they had the opportunity to hear amazing promises about a better future, without taxes, less bureaucracy, more welfare. In other words, the perfect equation to have a permission of living in El Dorado! The result of the ballot boxes, however, shows a country hesitant and divided into three groups, with a marginal role, but not decisive, reserved for the centre party. Italy wanted "proudly" show to the world that, in words, was strongly determined to change, but, in reality, it does not want to do it. Those who lived off of private income from birth until now are not willing to give up to do again in the future. Those who lived with hope from birth until now they will have to go on doing the same tomorrow. Those who could not count on private income or hope, they will have sadly to accept that they have no other way than going to live in another country, where rights and duties are strictly recognised and respected. In other words, in every civilised countries except Italy, where everyone has the same opportunities to have their capabilities recognised, allowing them to provide a contribute to both economic and social growth of the community. Those who helped to decide the fate of the country are aware that they are no longer willing to sacrifice for others, having to defend both their power and their influence or to protect selfish interests obtained in the past with all resources, except meritocracy, that is the only one useful to get something. Therefore, the role of the sovereign people has exhausted. Now it is the turn of the elects who, with indifference and ingratitude towards those who chosen them, rambling on political jargon not deciding anything and let the country go adrift. The foundations of instability have been built, the scaffolding will be ready soon and the effects will not be long to be heard. The light at the end of the tunnel, few months ago was fast approaching, now has become much more clear. But it was not the way out of a dark destiny, but the better path to impact against the change which run faster in the opposite direction. During the spring, one will not reach any target, in the summer one will not decide anything because it will be time for holidays, the autumn will knock soon on the door and when one will decide to open it, one will realise that the winter will be already arrived and under the Christmas tree will lack an essential item in the wage slip. This is the fate that Italians chose, now it is the turn of politicians to demonstrate that their "index of stupidity" does not tend to infinity.
AuthorEmanuele COSTA
Published bywww.tigulliana.org ("Diritto di Parola"), 02th March 2013 with the title «Chi causa del suo mal ...»

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